Working Out Excuse-Free

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy McGorry with Prevention Magazine discusses ways to push yourself while you’re working out.

    Amy McGory: Exercise is one of the single most important things we can do for our physical and mental health, plus our longevity. But we have all been there where you feel just too tired, busy or achy to hit the gym.

    Well, here are few tried and true ways to help you keep motivated, ditch the excuses and hit the gym today.

    First, pencil it in. Making exercise a priority even on your craziest days will help you better handle stress and keep you on track. Treat your workout like you would any other appointment by making it a specific plan and writing it down.

    Second, grab a friend. A workout buddy could be the glue that makes your workout habit stick. A recent study showed that strong social support was key to maintaining a new exercise regiment for a year.

    For best results, set a joint exercise goal together, whether it's hitting the gym a certain number of days a week or a running a 5K.

    Third, manage your time wisely. Don't have enough time for an hour long workout? Torch calories in a shorter time frame with circuit training, complete one set of strengthen moves and immediately move to the next exercise, repeating the circuiting two to three times.

    Circuits are greats for your muscular skeletal system and burns a lot of calorie since your heart rate stays elevated from the back-to-back moves. Also consider signing up with a qualified personal coach who can help you reach your goals by providing accountability and ensuring you have all the tools needed for a safe effective workout.

    These are just a few strategies for kicking the work out excuses and making your exercise resolution stick all year long.