World of Warcraft – Add Ons

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    WoW expert Steve Haines discusses add ons for the online game World of Warcraft.

    Steve Haines: Hi! I am Steve Haines, world of warcraft expert. I am showing you some basic steps for leveling up a character in the online game world of warcraft. Today, let's talk about add ons, which will augment your game play.

    For me, as the guild master of a raiding guild, the most important add-on is called Ventrilo. Some also use Teamspeak, but in this case, we'll open up Ventrilo. This is a voice service that allows you to rent a server through which all of your guildmates can talk with each other. So we open up 'My Ventrilo Server', connect to it and now we find several channels in which my friends can all gather together and just talk to each other or for running instances or raids, we can all get together on one channel and I can communicate with all of my guildees at the same time. It really could not be more useful for raiding, but it also is one of the key reasons why so many people in the world of warcraft become such good friends. It just a chance for everyone to just sit down and talk with each other, which is really the most important part of any social game like world of warcraft. There to add ons, I can change every aspect of game play, from your user interface to how you interact with the game generally. So for more information on those add ons, you want to refer to the world of warcraft website itself and their forums. As you can see on the mini-map here, at the top corner of your screen, there are many quest givers in the local area. One of the best add ons called the LightHeaded, which is installed and it attaches itself to your quest log and it tells you information about what quest you are working on. So you click on that yellow quest for maximum experience. It gives you all the information you can hope to have. It tells you how much experience you'll gain, how much repetition you get. It shows how may in the series of quests this is and you can scroll through the pages and it gives you, even coordinates, which match up to your mini-map that show you where to go exactly in what region in order to find the quest giver or the item you need to pick up. This is useful for power leveling to get through from level one to level seven as quickly as possible. This is actually a link to an external website, which gives you all that information, so that in no way compromises world of warcraft's sovereignty over their software. It doesn't cheat the game or hack the game in anyway. It just provides you with information that you would otherwise find on the Internet. Today, we took a look at add ons; next, let's take a look at some of my tips for leveling faster in World of Warcraft.