World of Warcraft – Character Control & Questing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    WoW expert Steve Haines demonstrates how to control your character and go questing in the online game World of Warcraft.

    Steve Haines: Hi! I am Steve Haines, world of warcraft expert. I am showing you some basic steps for leveling a character in the online game world of warcraft. Today, let's talk about character control and questing. Once you have created your character and you enter the world you are going to need to get yourself around. The way to do that is using the left side of your keyboard here, the 'W' key moves your character forward or the 'S' key moves your character backward. Press 'A' and you turn counter clockwise; press 'D' and you turn your character clockwise, while the 'E' key runs your character to the right. The 'Q' key runs your character to the left. So you use those keys in conjunction, you move forward, turn to the left using the 'A' key, turn to the right using the 'D' key, spacebar jumps, you can run forward. See this jump over the fence, jump over that fence, turn your character back and head right up to the Quest Giver. Once you have approached a Quest Giver, you are ready to click on them and that's how you interact with them. They will then have a brief description of who they are, you click on the exclamation point and that gives you the offer of a quest. You accept the quest and then you find that quest in your quest log. You press that 'L' key, opens up your quest log and there it is.

    Now, we have that explain sheet what they needed to do and if you scroll down the quest log, it shows you what they will reward you with. Each quest you do, offers you experience points. It also offers you, generally, cash as well as an item of armor or a weapon that you can use in order to level up further and faster. So we accept this quest and then we go, take that quest and do what it is we are asked. To attack a creature in the world of warcraft, what you are going to want to do is, if you see something and your icon turns into a dagger that means that is a creature that you can attack. You can do this in a multitude of ways. One of them is to cast a spell. You can do that by scrolling over your spells on your click bar and pressing the button or you can press that corresponding number key. In this case, let's say, two and that will do magical damage to the target. As a druid, I can also do physical attacks or shift into a form of a cat and attack it with my may-lay attacks. This usually goes much faster than any of my other abilities. Okay, that was character control and questing. Next, let's take a look at what you are going to find in the major cities around the world in World of Warcraft.