World of Warcraft – Learning Cities

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    WoW expert Steve Haines demonstrates how to learn cities in the online game World of Warcraft.

    Steve Haines: Hi! I am Steve Haines, world of warcraft expert. I am showing you some basic steps for leveling up a character in the online game World of Warcraft. Today, let's talk about what you are going to find inside the cities around the world. Every major city in warcraft has guards such as these. You will find them by their name, as you click on them, storm and city guard in this case. You can talk to them by right clicking and then they give you a list of directions of things you want to find. In this case you want to set your inn, which means you have a home base, for wherever you are in the world you always be able to comeback here. So you want to find where the inn is. You click on that. They give you some text, but what's most important is they show you an arrow on your mini-map. So you follow that direction and then it turns into a flag as you see. So you just follow the flag and you are right into your inn; talk to the innkeeper here at the bottom and set this as your homeport, make this inn your home. Click on that and now, no matter where you are in the game, you'll always be able to come back home. Back at the guard, you'll talk to them again, and instead of finding an inn, you can find a very important part of the game and that is the auction house or a bank.

    First, you'll go to the auction house, talk to the guard and he gives you the flag here, which shows you what direction to go and in this case, it's just right across the way from where we are now. So you run into the auction house and speak to one of the auctioneers. The auctioneers have anything you can imagine in the game, weapons, one-handed, two-handed bows, guns, polearms, any kind of weapon you want; armor, any kind of armor for any kind of class of character, trade goods, clothes, just raw materials, consumables, flasks and potions and food and drink, everything that you want, just put right here. Just type in the name of what it is you are looking for; you can even enter in a level of the item that you want, so that if you are at level 15 and you want the level 15 item, you can specify that and then do a search. This also will show you how much money you have to spend on this particular character. If you select the auctions tab, this shows items that you are selling currently. So you are able to just drag an item from your inventory into the auction tab and setup a price for it. This is one of the cornerstones of world of warcraft, that the economy is a very important part of getting to know this game. Speaking to a guard will show you the way to the bank. When you enter a bank, you just run right up to a teller. You don't have to wait in line or anything. Right click to interact with, open up your inventory and then you can place items from your inventory into your bank. You are able to purchase items and place them in your bank even if they are, what's called, so bound or linked to your character. You can also have extra bag space if you purchase bags or if you are a tailor and you make your own bags you can place everything in here. Also, in the major cities you will be able to find things like weapon's trainers. You talk to a guard and they'll show you the direction of where to find them. In this case, we talked to Woo Ping, Weapon's Master and you can ask for weapon training and he'll show you whatever he can train you in. It is select training and anything you can afford, he'll teach you. Then you exit and right here you have vendors. In this case, it's a weapon's merchant. You go up to him you'll see an anvil icon now is your cursor. That means if you interact with him, he actually has the ability to repair your armor. You can just click on the blacksmithing tools and they will repair the individual items that you have or all of your items, all at once. You can also use this opportunity to sell items that you don't need, just by right clicking on them and they get sold to the vendor. In that way, you make a little bit of your money back. So to find a flight plan you talk to a guard and they are going to lead you here and in this city the flight plan is here and you have people sort of grouped up, talking to the flight master. You'll then just find where he is. See the winged shoes as your icon and then you right click on him to interact and then you get to choose one of the points to which to fly. Let's fly to Sylvanaar and you are off. Okay, that was what you are going in the major cities around the word. Next, let's take a look at add-ons, which will streamline your World of Warcraft online game play.