Write a Resume – Why have there been so many changes in resume writing?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Resume expert Louise Kursmark discusses the changes in resume writing.

    Host: Why have there been so many changes?

    Louise Kursmark: What has to do with, as I mentioned the fact that we need to manage our careers, so the resume change to reflect that. So, now we need to present not necessarily where we have been of course that an element of it, but where we are going, what we can do for a company and our value? It becomes a marketing document that lets employers see the value that you can bring to the company. It becomes a personal brand message that tells why you are different, why you are unique, what you can do for them that somebody else cant? So, it requires a more dynamic writing style and given the fact that people change jobs, it requires that they update it frequently and be ready for their next opportunity.

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