Yeezy Storms Out

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kanye West walks off stage after bashing a technician for mic and screen glitches but quickly gets back to normal comparing himself to Nelson Mandela.

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    Yeezy’s at it again….


    Kanye West stormed off stage during his latest show.   He’s currently on a nationwide tour of the U.S. but the other night in FL things just weren’t up to par.  According to reports, Kanye promptly halted the show when it was just 3 songs in so that a few things could be fixed before he continued but it didn’t go by quite that smoothly.  Onlookers said Kanye called out one of the shows technicians for problems with his microphone and the giant LED screen.  Apparently it was showing his face in color instead of black and white and that really didn’t sit well with West.  He stormed off stage until all the minor issues were fixed and then the show could go on as planned about 10 minutes later.  But then Kanye was back to normal comparing himself to people like Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, and Thomas Edison saying he’s had a similar impact on society.  Just another normal day in the life of Kanye West.


    Oh Yeezy.. you’re too much!


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