Yo-Yo – Man on the Flying Trapeze

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Yo-yo expert Dick Stohr demonstrates how to do the yo-yo trick called “man on the flying trapeze”.

    Dick Stohr

    Dick Stohr is That Yo-Yo Guy! He has been a full time yo-yo professional since 1997. He does the Spintastics all day teaching program Yo-Yo Fun & Science of Spin in elementary schools as well as libraries in the summer time in the Mid-Atlantic states. He also performs at parties, festivals, scout meetings, Trade Shows and other fun events. He has set six yo-yo World Records and has been a yo-yo contest judge at World, National, Regional, State and local contests since 1999. He started playing with yo-yos in elementary school in the 1950's. During High School and College it was not cool so he did not play much. Following a career in the US Navy and Navy Reserve plus positions of increasing responsibility in the civilian business world he quit his day job to become That Yo-Yo Guy. Any day that he gets to play with his yo-yos and other peoples kids must be a good day. Teaching the beginners has become his passion. He believes that kids are from 6 to 106 years old and all kids can have fun with a yo-yo if they get a good start and do not have to unlearn bad habits.

    Hi, I am Dick Stohr. I am That yo-yo guy. We have been talking about the basics of yo-yo and how to get started safely, so you can do the very basic stuff correctly and build on it to do advanced yo-yo tricks. What I want to show you now is a series that starts with a trick called Breakaway. Remember, when I showed you the yo-yo Power Throw, you cock your wrist, you raise your elbow and you throw by snapping this way? Now what we are going to do is, turn the elbow out, and we are going to throw it out to the side, bring it around in front, and when it gets about waist high on the other side, give it a tug and it comes back. So, this is called Breakaway; and when you can do the breakaway consistently, I am going to put my finger out there as a mark. You see when the yo-yo string gets to just about that place is when I give it a tug back. Now this time, since I am consistently doing the Breakaway, I am going to push my finger into the string path and it comes over the finger and lands on the string. That's called, Man on the Flying Trapeze. Watch. Man on the flying trapeze; notice that I catch the yo-yo just a few inches away from my finger. Not in the middle of the string, because it's a whole lot easier to catch it and close to my finger than it is over here. That's easier to miss if I have got lot of string between my finger and the yo-yo. So, what I try and do is move my throw hand -- not this hand, but the throw hand, so that the yo-yo is just a couple of inches away from my finger, and that's how I get it to land on the string consistently. Okay?

    So now we've got Breakaway, we've got man on the flying trapeze. How about man on the flying trapeze with a somersault? So, I mounted on the string, I push my finger into the string this way and I do a somersault with the yo-yo. Push it right into the middle of the string and it comes right over the top, just like so; now the other thing you can do from this position in the Breakaway throw is the Around the World. Remember the Around the World where I did the forward pass around? Now, you are going to do the power throw and have the yo-yo sleep all the way around the circle, and so you can do a front mount around the world from a forward pass. So, you can do the side mount around the world by starting with the breakaway. So, we have covered several yo-yo tricks here, but they all build on the beginning, which is the Breakaway. And next, we will go into some other tricks which will get you along the path to doing more of the basic yo-yo stuff, so that you can build it into combinations and have more fun playing with a yo-yo.