Yoga Essentials

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Anderson, Deputy Editor of Fitness Magazine, describes all the basic essentials you need for yoga. From a yoga mat to comfortable clothes, make sure you’ve got what you need!

    Mary Anderson: Hi, I am Mary Anderson, Deputy Editor at Fitness Magazine and yoga is one of my Favorite Do-Anywhere workout because all you really need is a little floor space and a little floor space and a little spandex. Now whether you choose do a gentle style like Hatha yoga which burns 160 calories an hour or a more power yoga like Ashtanga which burns 400 calories an hour, you are still going to get all those great scientifically proven benefits like stress reduction and increased flexibility and a slimmer waist line. So if you are doing yoga in your house, even if you have a carpeted floor, you still need grip. A yoga mat will take care of that. There are plenty of great styles of mats, PVC free, light weight mats, but you do want a mat for that grip for these poses. Now all you beginners who think I can't get into those pretzel poses. There are plenty of tools that can act as training wheels until you get there. A great idea is to use a yoga block. These are terrific when you do the forward fold, you can use them length wise to put your palms on and then on the side and then finally on its face, until you can finally get your palms to the ground. Same goes for this yoga strap. If you can't reach your toes, bring your toes to you. As you do a stretch, put the strap around the soles of your feet and pull your toes gently toward your nose, it will be a great stretch for your calves and a great stretch for your hamstrings as well. Now even if you are not going to a trendy yoga studio, but doing yoga in the privacy of your own home, you are going to want to dress the part. There are certain essentials that your yoga gear should have to help you get through your practice. Now this new balanced top exclusive at sports authority is doing all the right things. It's got a high neckline and a low hemline. Why is that important? Well, when you are doing your downward dog and other inverted poses, it means you are not going to spill out of the top and this isn't going to ride up to your belly button, so you don't want to be fixing yourself through your entire practice. Now just pair this top with a pair of leggings and you are ready to go. You don't want the length to be too long, because you don't want to step on it when you do your warrior one. We like the new balance capri because it's a great fit and makes a great outfit for yoga. There you have it, just follow these tips and yoga is going to be your favorite do-anywhere workout too.