Your Middle School Crush, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Is All Grown Up

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Contain your wildly beating inner 12-year-old heart because your lifelong crush is now 33 years old. Home Improvement’s Jonathan Taylor Thomas is all grown up, but that adorable baby face is as lovable as it was when he was just a young cub. So what has JTT been up to all these years?

    Becca Frucht: Thanks Allie, okay, brace yourselves, 90s teen heartthrobs Jonathan Taylor Thomas turned 33 years old today. And if you like us you wondered where the time went and what he is up to.

    We first fell in love with JTT as Randy Taylor the wisecracking middle brother with a perfect middle part on hit 90 sitcom Home Improvement. Just try to be still your tiger beating heart when you think about those twinkling blue eyes and that mischievous grin and we dare you not feel all the feelings when you hear his raspy samba voice from 1994 the Lion King.

    But little wing duh! that was JTT's Native American nickname in 1995 Man at a House decided to fly away from them when Toll Time finally ended in 1998. Suddenly our crush had to survive on precious cameos there was that time he was all small though and Veronica Mars. Mean awhile JTT got himself an Ivy League education, first at Harvard then across upon at St. Andrews and finishing up at Columbia in 2010. And then in 2013 JTT made a very meadow return to the small screen as a guest star on Last Man Standing, a new comedy headline by his former TV dad Tim Allen.

    Now the JTT is back in LA he told People Magazine he is focused on writing and directing scripts, hiking and watching lots of movies and of course still being adorable. So, happy birthday to our favorite fantasy middle school boyfriend here is just one more year that hasn't aged your baby face one bit.